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The CORONATION FIREWORKS employs over 4000 people year around with an additional 400 seasonal jobs created in their 14 factories. The company is a regualr contributor of E.S.I. and P.F. The Company is offering Bonus to its workers and six months bonus to its staff.

The Coronation Fireworks is also supplying Hand grenade and Bicatstrips to defence stores.

Millions of Indians across the country celebrate 62 years old tradition of our country's independence and religious, social ceremonies with consumer fireworks from Coronation Fireworks.
The  group of companies
1 M/S The Coronation Fireworks Factory
2 M/S New Coro's Sparklers Factory
3 M/S Naya Carnation Fireworks
4 M/S The Coronation Paper Caps Industries
5 M/S Sri Cornation Fireworks
6 M/S Sri Cornation Fireworks Private Limited
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